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Connect the Dots
Name Connect the Dots
Date 2014/08/25
Location Space
Contact buZz


Today, Petros of freelab will join us to present his project 'Connect the Dots'. The talk will start at 20:00, and Petros will already be available for questions starting ~18:00.

"Connect The Dots" in a nutshell

CTD is a longterm project to build a strategic alliance between three social ecosystems: anarchists, hackers and full-time altenative dwellers („Diggers”).

The goal is to improve everyone's resilience by solidarity and cooperation. The „dots” we shall connect will form a network of independent entities, communicating within the protocol of solidarity, mutual aid and synergy. No forced unification – all entities stay integral and independent.

The project will be led by one or more teams, physically travelling throughout Europe, visiting and documenting dots-to-be-connected. As the substantial number (4-8) of interested entities from each group is reached, the first version of protocol will be discussed and defined. The project uses social fundraising among members and supporters. The traveling teams also contribute, by recycling money obtained from other sources.

Project started in June 2014, with the first presentation done at the and will expand throughout Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal and other countries, tresholds permitting. CTD will be also interconnected with other projects, empowering grassroot intentional communities.

Details, reasoning and AMA - when we meet AFK


Everybody is free to visit. Specially for this talk, the space will have a small window of open attendance on this day.

Also there is no need to pre-register your attendance, but an email to is appreciated.


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