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Reading around on the internet i found some funny tutorial explaining how to repurpose old laptop keyboards with a USBnative arduino (like a teensy) to make a USB keyboard.

Carrying that forward, I found a LCD that might be able to fit inside a HP Jornada 680/690/720 case.

This might be a fun project, this page is mostly for info gathering now, but might turn into a real project later.


Reusing a screen thats in a laptop might be impossible, but never hurts to search on aliexpress for the EXACT paneltype (usually written/stickered on the back of the panel, take it out of the laptop) and the word 'HDMI' , usually finds you cheap-ish interface boards, typically 20-40 euro.

Failing such, you could search around for panels that might be able to fit, look for 'outline size' in specs, etc. Then find a matching interface board like above for this new panel.


These -seem- fitting for a HP Jornada 680/690/720 case:


The keyboards in laptops (and normal desk keyboards) are usually a grid of rows and columns , connected to a blobbed controller (or sometimes nonblobbed, open! yay @ framework laptop?).

The instructables i found has code and documentation about how to repurpose such into a functional USB keyboard, including fancy 'fn' keys and such.

As a bonus, this instructables explains how to add a PS/2 (or i2c) touchpad to the code. Or we/i could reuse my old PS/2 driver (making it a XYZ absolute pad, not a 'mouse pad' ).

(important sidenote) the trackpoint/clit in a IBM/Lenovo thinkpad laptop is a PS/2 mouse just like a Synaptics Touchpad is.


Some battery, some powersupply, some charger. Maybe reuse the original charger + connection from the laptop/palmtop/device.. Maybe some switches to turn off battery completely.

Some pi zero? Nanopi core? eh, many options possible.

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