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Digital Signage for the space
Participants Tahtkev
Skills Software, html, Linux, docker
Status Getting parts
Niche Electronics
Purpose Information viewer
Tool No
Location Around the space
Cost Free.99
Tool category Electronics

Digital Signage for the space

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To have Digital info available for public transit,weather,time,etc.


  • Gather hardware
  • Test it
  • Expand it with moar widgets and webpages
  • Custom fork?

Software Selection

  • Screenly OSE (Currently running on !toggle Kodi on the kodi pi need to figure out beter scaling for Bus info)
  • Concerto (In testing)
  • XiBo (to be tested)
  • PiSignage (Alpha stage works with public transit info and weather)
  • DisplayMonkey (only runs on Windows which is meh but might be interesting to run on ThinClient with w7 embedded)

Naming convention

  • Hermes_X


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