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Digital Signage for the space
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Participants Tahtkev
Skills Software, html, Linux, docker
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Information viewer
Tool No
Location Around the space
Cost Free.99
Tool category Electronics

Digital Signage for the space

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To have Digital info available for public transit,weather,time,etc.


  • Gather hardware
  • Test it
  • Expand it with moar widgets and webpages
  • Custom fork?

Software Selection

  • Screenly OSE (Currently running on !toggle Kodi on the kodi pi need to figure out beter scaling for Bus info)
  • Concerto (In testing)
  • XiBo (to be tested)
  • PiSignage (Alpha stage works with public transit info and weather)
  • DisplayMonkey (only runs on Windows which is meh but might be interesting to run on ThinClient with w7 embedded)

Naming convention

  • Hermes_X


  • Weather (both daily and current)
  • Clock (because bertrik needs to know how late it is :P)
  • Public Transit info for train station Ede-Wageningen and bus Geertjesweg
  • Grafana dash for out current power consumption (Currently broken already put out a ticket with the dev's/company)
  • IRCTV stream? (gotta ask Flok if the Constantus stream is a http stream)

Feature requests

  • a progress bar in the bottom that shows how long the current screen will be displayed.
  • a screen with the last quote that was added in IRC and the user name.
  • an agenda/announcement of the next event in the wiki calendar
  • a recently rendered stable diffusion picture.


some pics