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E4200 and wrt54gsv4.jpg
Owner Space
Status Infrastructure
Hostname E4200
Tool category



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This AP is a Cisco E4200 and has two radios: spacenet and spacenet5ghz.

You can log in to them with your Spacenet credentials which are stored in the LDAP. Your username needs to be postfixed with your realm, which looks like 'username@nurdspace.nl'. For a full explanation of how to connect see here. If you don't have an account in the LDAP ask FwD.

For an explanation of SpaceNet and instructions on getting connected check out the SpaceNet howto's.

If despite all your effort you can't get connected you can always resort to the NURDspace-2.4 network running on the WRT54GSv4 with the same password as was previously used to the NurdSpace-2.4 and NurdSpace-5 networks.

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