Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer

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Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer
Envisiontec Ultra 3DP.jpg
Skills 3D Printing, Windows and things
Status Getting parts
Niche Hardware
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool Yes
Location In the middle of the space
Cost lets say affordable
Tool category Fabrication

Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer

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What is it

So we acquired an 3d printer thanks to profzon

The Specs are: 266 x 175 x 193 mm It uses resin it has a freaking bright projector

It used to have Crypt0l0cker ransomware on it (NOT OUR FAULT)

There are installation cds and manuals located in the lower cabinet of the printer. (but not the installation keys)

2020 update

BuZz and Melan have given another look at the printer and have discovered the following things

  • We do indeed have a license code for Magics EnvisionTec Ultra (Which now seems to be attached to Melan's laptop)
  • Magics EnvisionTec Ultra seems to be the 3D modeling software that can be used to add structures before printing
  • PREFactory is the slicer, and used to generate jobs
  • We likely do have all the drivers
  • We are missing the software Ultra Control which unfortunately is only program that got hit by the crypto-locker
  • An E-mail has been sent to some Company to sample if they can decrypt the Ultra Control files

What is the plan

  • Fix the leakage. Turned out not to be a leak, just a tipped over bottle inside.
  • Reinstall OS Done \o/
  • Find the missing drivers on the backup or elsewhere (50% done backup settings are on the desktop but software needs to be installed)
  • Get all the software working again
  • ????
  • Print \o/

What have we done /o\ ohnoesss o// \\o

  • We made a backup of the whole drive for in case we screw it up more ( at /mnt/mp3/backups )
  • NoxiousPluK reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP3 + all pc drivers (missing are touchscreen, camera and cardreader driver)
  • Placed a backup folder on the desktop with the settings for printer software, still need to install printer software.
  • Imaged the install CDs finally! http://space.nurdspace.nl/~melan/printer/ Envisiontec-cds.jpg
  • Realized that the CCKey was already on one of the materials. This is used for the 'Magics' software, which seems to be mostly ment for STL repair and support generation.
  • We ordered a cryptodelocker from https://adc-soft.com/cryptolocker.html and were able to decrypt files needed to get Ultra Control running on Windows 10. Currently trying to find missing files to get it working on the Windows XP on the printer.
  • Missing communication.dll was found in dmcdriverdll02.exe
  • Touchscreen driver is now installed!
  • Sadly the Ultra Control software is unable to connect to the Motion Engine...
  • Ultra Control has a Service mode you can enable !! In About you can get a App code, which you can input to a tool to get the user code to unlock service mode. See here
  • OK! We grabbed the old Registry from the backup , and in SOFTWARE/ there was a key called Galil, copying that over to the current registry made Ultra Control able to connect to the Motion Engine, and also the level and pressure sensors now work! Wooooot
  • Next step : we need 24kg of resin to fill the tank, wtf

Any links to information?


X axis

Pics of the inside