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Skills FilaStrüdeleling
Status Planning
Niche Hardware
Purpose Fun
Tool No
Location door of the unused toilet
Cost 175 for the thing funded by members
Tool category Fabrication


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FilaStrüdel say what?

Well after years we got a filastruder for recycling filament to make new filament (filament-ception). Thanks for all the sponsors, you know who you are.

Operating the filastruder

Manual: How it works: I have no idea yet but will link the manual, it is basically:

Pallets go in (not whole wooden pallets but little plastic balls) and will be heated to a melty temp so we get filament

It will be automatically spooled with a motor and a spool

after a fuckton of hours we have new filament to fuck up

Temperature changes viscosity, and thus extrusion rate and diameter. This is one way of dialing in filament diameter. 10degC is about 0.10mm , increasing temperature will decrease filament diameter . That also means that the tighter the PID holds temperature, the better. Autotuning the PID is a good idea.