Floralab Summagraphics T750

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Floralab Summagraphics T750
FloraLab T750.JPG
Participants User:buzz
Skills design, cutting, plotting
Status Getting parts
Niche Artsy stuff
Purpose Tool
Tool Yes
Location Zaal 2 for now
Tool category Fabrication

Floralab Summagraphics T750

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What is this

FloraLab bruikleen'd us their SummaGraphics T750 that needs some cleaning and setup.

  • 255x1270x550mm size without stand
  • 31kg weight
  • 703mm maximum cutting width
  • 70mm minimum medium width
  • 0.25mm maximum media thickness


Official Manuals


Currently unknown which of these, if any, we already have. Floralab might also have some of these still.

Tangential knife

Tangential knife for masking stencils (60°)

Drag knife


Heat transfer


Some example materials that are suitable for this kind of plotter. (Provided we have the pens/knifes that are suitable for it)


120g/m² paper on roll.

Cutting vinyl


These could be whole panels for electronics too, the sticker does not have to be a single 'body'.

Application tape is where you 'store' the cut vinyl before you apply it as a sticker.

Vinyl to cut (0.05mm to 0.25mm thick)


Vinyl to cut (0.05mm to 0.25mm thick)

The same heat transfer as for tshirts can be used for mugs, phonecases, mousemats, etc.


Cutting strip

Pinch Rollers