Fun with 433MHz stuff

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Fun with 433MHz stuff
Participants Dennis
Skills Radio
Status In progress
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What and why?

Since I got an RTL-SDR radio receiver my interest in 433MHz stuff reignited and there's loads of things to do with it that are fun and even can be useful. This page will be used to document some of the things I want to do.

Test setup

Arduino with 433MHz transmitter.

Emulating external sensor for weather stations

I acquired two weather stations in a thrift store that seem to be working but are missing their external sensors. The idea is to emulate these sensors with a 433MHz transmitter coupled with a microcontroller or SBC. Data can be gathered from an online weather service or an actual sensor.

The devices

ISY IWS-4100

Missing sensors: temperature, humidity and battery low indicator.

Oregon Scientific RMR112

Missing sensor: temperature. Some compatible sensors: THN128, THR128, THC268. The example sketch for lib for THN128 sensor does work, but it seems part of the LCD on the RMR112 that shows data from external sensors is broken, so it's pretty useless for now :<.