HP iPAQ hx4700

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HP iPAQ hx4700
HP iPAQ hx4700.jpg
Owner Talloak
Status Working
Location @ Sinterklaas
Tool No
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HP iPAQ hx4700


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@ Sinterklaas



  • PXA270 ARM cpu @ 624MHz
  • 64MB RAM
  • 128MB flash memory
  • CF slot occupied with 2GB Hitachi microdrive (Compact flash type 2 format)
  • SD slot
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • IrDA


  • Windows Mobile 5.0 OS 5.1.70 (Build 14406.1.1.1)

Debian wheezy

Using this link, I tried to get debian running.


Because I didn't want to flash a bootloader to the device, i started a hunt for the excellent HaReT (Handheld Reverse Engineering Tool) that doubles as a WinCE bootloader. Found it at: this link.

To do

The kernel boots, but now I'm struggling to find the right settings for default.txt. To be continued....


USB charging

How to enable

USB charging needs to be enabled from the Windows Mobile OS:

  • From home screen, tap battery icon
  • Go to "USB Charging" tab

Here you can enable USB charging, and choose "Fast charge" of "Slow charge" for some reason :p

Toggle between charging and RNDIS mode

When connected to a computer (Ubuntu 14.04) there seem to be 2 modes:

  • Charging mode, the orange LED will blink
  • RNDIS mode, it allows a connection between the host pc and the iPAQ using RNDIS

Use the iPAQ's power button to toggle between the modes

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