Happy neighbors OMG/WTF/BBQ

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Happy neighbors OMG/WTF/BBQ
Location Nurdspace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen
Contact Pokon FwD BuZz

Whats the plan

To get connected with our neighbours and to eat and stuff.

A little while ago there where some kind of mwehs with the neighbours, so to get our differences aside we wanna get to know the students and let them to know us as a Non profit awesome hackerspace.

To Do list

Before event;

  • Get a date
  • Set a date
  • Invite neighbours
  • Invite Nurds
  • Get food
  • Get Drinks (think of alcohol and non-alcohol)

During event;

  • Get wasted and full of food and mingle with the students
  • Clean up the travesty that we left behind


Please add yourself to the list as participant, if you are coming:

  • buZz
  • FwD
  • Pokon
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