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Hark Linux
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Hark Linux

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Hark Linux is to become NURDspace's own Linux distro based on Debian. Usefull for new installations on the space.


  • LTS support
  • LDAP integration
  • LXDE for older hardware
  • Hark logo as menu button and wallpaper
  • 'Hark' sound from Winnie the Pooh soundboard when pressing the menu button.

Software packages

  • Terminator as main terminal emulator
  • Displaycal for monitor calibration
  • Hardinfo, hdparm, sysbench, glmark2, etc for benchmarks
  • cmatrix, hollywood for eyecandy
  • WINE, Dosbox, VICE, pico-8 for emulation
  • Optimize internet browser with bookmarks (i.e. Jarvis, add-ons and homepage.)
  • Available on HARKboot