Haxogreen 2016

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Haxogreen 2016
Name Haxogreen 2016
Date 2016/07/28
Location 49.479797, 6.077427
Contact You
Attendees Dennis, Jinx, Noxiouspluk


... is a 4-day outdoor summer camp for over 100 hackers from all over Europe

... is where a community of creators, innovators, engineers, programmers and artists gathers and meets for an informal information-exchange, for talks, workshops and live music, and above all, for fun.

... is the summer-feeling of july, the adventure of outdoor camping, the smell of bbq and the thrill of long nights.

... is a cozy campsite with lots of technology


  • schauw
  • Nooitaf
  • Anus
  • Zarya
  • Oosjeu
  • Yanti
  • TheNiz
  • psy0rz
  • DMT
  • Dee2
  • cha0z97
  • the*
  • appy
  • Noxiouspluk
  • krageon
  • jenn
  • Profzon


  • zarya + oosjeu + Yanti (prob quite full)
  • DeeTwo (Station 3/4 seats left) (can take peoplez and cargo. unfortunately car is not available on sunday unless you want to get rid of cargo or bodies on saturday)
  • the*, The_Niz & profzon in a peugeot 306
  • cha0z97, Petraea, Jen, Krageon in a full car
  • appy, Noxiouspluk in the Mystery Machine
  • JnX goes with ranzbak
  • DMT, psy0rz in a full car, arriving 27-7.
  • Nooitaf prolly on thursday

shared village stuff we need/have

still needed

  • central tables(?)


  • 24 port switch in case wireless is crappy
  • a few long power cables
  • powerblocks
  • pc speakers?
  • long network uplink cable for main switch
  • ethernet over power thingy
  • two 3x3m party tents
  • The Big Orange tarp-of-doom
  • lots of rope, ducktape, "haringen", tierips (tent is crappy cheap, lots of wind etc)
  • battery powered led flood light
  • idiopolis blinking red lamps


  • 24 ports switch

Stuff to bring for yourself

  • chairs and a table
  • beverages
  • cutlery, a cup and a plate
  • GOOD QUALITY extension cords
  • food / drinks
  • something to keep your important/expensive (electronic) stuff dry
  • drinks

Stuff to leave behind

  • buZz
  • Dome (because it will take up all space of the terrain, there wont be any room left for sleeping tents)
  • rain

Dinner reservations

oosjeu is cooking just like last time in 2012/2014. You can sign up here for (in all probability) Thursday and Saturday dinner. I thought Thursday would be handy because people don't have to cook when they arrive. Most like 1 time kapucijnenschotel and 1 time nasi with rice. I will do most groceries in the Netherlands because that is much cheaper than buying it in Luxemburg.


Kapucijnenschotel for 10 people (Thursday)

  • oosjeu
  • Zarya
  • NooitAf
  • Anus
  • DMT
  • psy0rz
  • the*
  • schauw
  • niz
  • Profzon
  • D2 (als er nog genoeg is voor een extra bord)
  • Appy
  • Noxiouspluk
  • Mulling
  • ranzbak

Nasi for 12 people (Saturday)

  • oosjeu
  • Zarya
  • NooitAf
  • Anus
  • DMT
  • psy0rz
  • the*
  • schauw
  • niz
  • Profzon
  • Ranzbak met z'n hoofd

Price for dinner will be around 5 euro per meal max and will be collected at the camp (but it will be probably 3.50 per meal)

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