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Participants Flok
Skills Electronics, Programming
Status Active
Niche Geinig
Purpose Fun
Tool No
Location Thuis
Cost Infinite
Tool category Electronics


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Karretje will become a autonomously driving raspberry pi based vehicle.

It really is karretjeng as before there was this one:


That one also drove autonomously but had no camera, no wifi and barely intelligence.

Here are some components for the new one. A camera (and a few broken ones), a raspberry pi zero 2 w, and 3 echo-locaters (ultrasonic). Oh and a compas: used to verify if the vehicle completely rotated (when that is required).


Some power circuitry. Visible is a solarcell-lipo/lion-charger: I only use the li-ion-charger stuff of it. Out of it comes a voltage between somewhere 3 and 6V so I added something that makes a nice 5V of it.


A nice motorhead, ehr, motor-hat by adafruit to control them weels:


For videostreaming I'll use Constatus ([1]).

The driving software is most likely in python.

Most components were bought from either China or from vngsystems in Gouda ([2]).


^ It might all fit and even work!

Note that I decided to use a standard battery pack for it. The motor-hat breaks down at 3A which is also the max of the pack.

What is left is a compass and lots of hot-glue. Software is also almost finished. Oh and I've added a powerbutton that power-downs safely the rpi when the button is a pressed for a bit.


^ tiewraps and glue!

(29/3/22, 22:25) Ok the vehicle moves around but it is useless; it can't drive in a straight line due to slipery wheels. The vehicle has now been moved to the trashcan.

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