Kawai K1m

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Kawai K1m
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Owner Eis-T
Status Working
Location Studio
Tool Yes
Tool category Music production

Kawai K1m

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  • Year Released: 1988
  • Polyphony: 16 notes
  • Multitimbral: 8 parts
  • User Patches: 64
  • User Performances: 32
  • ROM: 256 8-bit PCM waveforms (204 additive waveforms, 52 acoustic samples)
  • Screen: 16x2 character backlit LCD
  • Dimensions: 370 mm x 201 mm x 58 mm


The Kawai K1m is a 4 operator Wavetable synth module. you can move through the four channels with a stick.


https://soundprogramming.net/synthesizers/kawai/kawai-k1m/ https://squest.com/Products/MidiQuest12/Instruments/KawaiK1m/