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Label Printer
Owner Space
Status Infrastructure
Location Printer-desktop
Space Basis.png
Tool Yes
Tool category General

Label Printer


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This is the label printer.

Drivers + entry in cups is on the Printer-desktop at the moment.

What hardware is this

  • Seiko SLP-200
  • 99014 Shipping Labels

How to use

@ PrinterPC

  • Make image (pixels 767x384 is about maximum you get)
  • Press print
  • Select 'papersize' Shipping (SLP-SRL)
  • Press print again :)

Via irc

  • Use !label

Tips for making excellent labels

  • There is no grayscale, make images 1 bit color (and use floyd-steinberg (normal) dithering if needed, looks teh best :) )
  • There are a couple of previously printed labels in de homedir of user "printer" (/printerhome/ on Printer-desktop) which can easily be re-used.
  • For text only, you can use !label @ Nurdbot
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