Laser engraver

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Laser Engraver Pieuw Pieuw
Skills Soldering, Programming, building
Status Getting parts
Niche Electronics
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool No
Location Around the space
Cost Dont know yet
Tool category Electronics

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To get more info and learn stuff, i have decide for another project (yet again). I want to build a laser engraver for use on multiple materials, like phone cases and other stuff

BOM: Need to get all the info this is just a start Laser engraver (probally 50 euro's d2 is looking in to that) Metal housing en stuff (got to ask buzz) Belts motors barings arduino (got it dont need to buy it) 20 euros i geus stepper drivers (got them from the bar forgot how mucht they were) wheel thingy's (gotta ask petreae)

seeing the list i got a lot to sort out, i will keep it updated the idea but most printed parts like the wheels replaced