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Pew Laser


  • Class IV
  • 60x90 cm bed
  • 90W CO2 Laser (dont run above ~70%)
  • Needs some love! (XP software currently MIA, electronics could get a good upgrade, needs calibration)
  • 25 kg (lol) purified water
  • CW-3000 water chiller


  • Fill system with purified water (30 * 1L available)
  • Hook up chiller to cutter
  • Possibly recheck alignment (beam should be exact in the center of the mirror)
  • Realign the bed (z)
  • Solve exhaust fumes extraction problem
  • Arrange Co2 fire extinguisher in case of oopsies

Stuff to get

  • Hose for the exhaust (longer)

Exhaust fumes extraction problem


  • Remove window above hallway door, replace with wood. mount pipe onto wood.
  • Cut hole in door, fit pipe over hole in door
  • Cut hole in air duct, mount pipe over hole
  • Decide on coarse filter, as the supplied filter will clog if use without.
  • Open door and toss out hose when in use. Revert when done.

Electrical problems

  • Get power to the other side of the room
  • Hook up ground The machine's ground is wired internally to the euro socket, so no need for external ground.
    • Unless there is no ground on the socket so when connecting the ground must be checked.

10/4 Laser cutter does not give output power anymore after first successful test run. no high frequent buzzing anymore one should expect. Only what appears the sounds of sparks on first fire. then nothing.

16/4 Opened up laser power supply (I know what I am doing) (famous last words) and it appears the flyback transformer is toast. the secondary of the transformer measures fully open. (or the resistance is >30 M Ohm)

Also the power supply appears to be a 80 W model whereas we have a 90W tube. Thoughts ?

2 options.

  • get new power supply. about €200 ish
  • get new flyback transformers and just hope it works. This is the cheaper option.

Power rating is 90W. Tube length is 120 cm.

link to manufacturer website

Laser tube label.jpg


power supply connection scheme

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