Liberation day

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Liberation day
Name Liberation day
Date 2016/05/05
Location Nurdspace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen
Contact cha0z97

One of the year's highlights is just around the corner. The 5th of May, we'll have yet another opportunity to get together, hang out, chill in the sun, enjoy eachothers presence, walk around, listen to music, dance as if noone is watching, bump into people we haven't seen in a long while, and contribute to the awesomeness that is the 5th of may in Wageningen.


  • cha0z97
  • buZz , some bags of wine :)
  • FwD (in the city, probably not the space)



Stuff in town starts around noon (12:00 PM) till about midnight. Many stages, different music types, some theater, maybe a parade of old army dudes and gear.

They are pretty strict about not allowing stuff on terrain, like fancy cameras, or cans/bottles of any drinks, stuff..

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