MF050 2013

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MF050 2013
Name (mini) Maker Faire 050
Date 2013/10/12
Location Groningen
Contact buZz

This year there will be another mf050 edition!

The call for makers has been sent, and the plan is currently to 'build a hackerspace' at the event, in cooperation with other hackerspaces.

Let's not forget what we learned the first time! We should:

  • Bring posters
  • Bring flyers
  • Bring business cards with contact info
  • Make sure we have internet there
  • Consider a min-workshop of some kind (soldering?)
  • Some kind of uniform? We have over-all's, but T-shirts might be more convenient.
  • Bring things that build a kind of atmosphere: obscure hardware with blinking lights.

People that want to go

  • buZz
  • FwD
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