Messing with Sonoff

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Messing with Sonoff
Participants User:buzz
Skills ESP8266
Status Active
Niche Electronics
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Messing with Sonoff

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Just a projectpage to hold Sonoff knowledge.

It seems the button is connected to GPIO0 , so needs to be held down on bootup to get into flashmode.

Tested GPIO0 Button
GPIO12 Relay
GPIO13 Led
Untested GPIO1 TX (or RX)
GPIO3 RX (or TX)
GPIO14 pin5 on header

Still available; GPIO1 and GPIO3 (aka RX and TX) and, suprisingly, GPIO14 (on the Sonoff TH this is the fifth pin on the 5pin header you use to flash it)

Uploaded the initial version of a singlechannel art-net node to