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Participants Eis-T
Status Active
Niche Video artsy stuff
Purpose Information viewer
Tool No
Location The wall of stuff
Cost 2,- at Emmaus
Tool category Surveillance


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This TV has a lot of potential. It has two separate analog video inputs, an output, an FM radio and an untested "talkover" button. It most likely was a security cam monitor in a previous life. No brand or productnumber has been identified on the device.


  • The connectors on the back have been broken out to allow for easy access to the connector points. the provided connectors (phone cable..) proved to be too esoteric.
  • The internal speaker has been disconnected and can be used from the outside with the extended black and red cable

Current state: The TV is responsive to signals, but no clear image has yet been produced on the screen. It needs further testing and calibration to use it as a funky little monitor. In other words: Eis-T probably ruined the the thing but in hindsight it was 2,- well spent.

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