Mobile sentry nerf gun

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Mobile sentry nerf gun
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Mobile sentry nerf gun

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This is a project where I want to build a mobile sentry nerf gun. The first idea was to make a mobile trashcan or at least something that could drive around. But when we discussed some ideas a sentry gun which can be controlled remotely and could drive around sounded the best. We already have a cart that can be remotely controlled and thus we only need to attach a nerf gun to the cart and program it so that we could control the nerf remotely.


Friday 29th of August

At first we took the cart apart so we could find out why it was making so much noise. Inside there where six 3 volt batteries. These batteries where replaced by 3 lithium-ion batteries. To replace the battery's we had to break the regular battery frame, because the lithium-ion batteries wouldn't fit in the same place. After that we had to solder the 3 batteries together en connect them to the connectors. These connectors where made with soldering two pins to the connectors and the other pins to the batteries. With this we can easily take away the batteries to recharge them. By doing this we made the cart a little bit faster. This didn't bring as much noise reduction as that we would have wanted, so we looked for other parts where the noise could come from. Driven by two motors there are eight gears that drive the cart forward. By going from smaller to bigger gears the cart is better able to carry heavier things, which will come in handy later when we mount the nerf gun on it. We lubed all the gears, which made it less noisier. Though it isn't as silent as we want it to be. It is also possible to try to replace the two motors.

Wednesday 3rd of September

Having the base ready, we need to find out what is possible to do when the nerf gun is mounted on to the base. Petreae was very helpful without even asking for it. She made a model of the base and the nerf gun. With this model we can easily see how much we can tilt the nerf gun without touching the ground or colliding with the base. Using this model we found out that we can tilt the nerf gun about 30 degrees with no problem. With this knowledge we fired the nerf gun at this angle to see how far we can shoot and from how close we could get a headshot. A headshot with this angle would be around 3 meters. The maximum range is around the 15 meters. At this point it needs to be said that the nerf gun, better known as a vulcan, was already been improved by pokon. His improvements made the gun to shoot faster and able to shoot further. For mounting the vulcan to the base we need the base to be stronger than a thin layer of plastic. We've chosen to use a wooden plate for this. This base can easily be taken off or on to the base. With this system it is also possible to mount something else to it.