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Skills geometry
Status Operational
Niche Hardware
Purpose Infrastructure
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As Idiopolis, we have this super cool army tent at our disposal, but it's getting a bit flimsy, and it is not entirely sure how long it will survive. On top of that, all our party tent have been frankensteined into a mother of all partytents at haxogreen, but unfortunatly it has met its demise at the hand of the weather gods. I believe this provides us with ample arguments to consider a new construction for idiopolis, after all, CCC camp is just around the corner.


Build a so called 'monkeyhut', which is pretty much the default shelter-construction at Burning Man. It uses relatively little materials with a good amount of space in return.


The basic design according to 'Jeremy':


IMG 20150710 105046.jpg

This is ;

  • 27x 4m 32mm pipe
  • 2x 4m 40mm pipe
  • 1x 2m 40mm pipe

Bill of Materials

  • tarpaulin:
    • at least 15*10m. like this one for ~120eu [ordered]
  • rebar/herrings:
    • the pvc-tubes need to fit over them. about 22*0.5m needed. generally really cheap (<1eu/meter) or free ie. ~32.50+10eu [bought] (30x 60cm)
  • PVC-glue ~10eu [bought]
  • Duct-tape [had]
  • Tie Wraps [arranged]
  • ..

total: 120+125+32.50+10+23.25+10 = 320.75eu


It would be nice if we could stay around 300 euros or something. (which we are approximately at. woooh!)