Moving to Diedenoort

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Skills packing, sorting, moving, unpacking
Status Finished
Niche Other
Purpose Infrastructure
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We're gonna move to a new location.

  • Current building must be empty per 15-08-2013
  • Contract for new building will be signed 01-08-2013 11:00
  • New building available from that moment on

Planning and status

Aspect Status Who Date / period
Cancel Bewaakt & Bewoond contract per august 15th Done FwD
Oplevering old space Done BuZz 15-08-2013
Negotiate content of new contract and agreement with Interim Done FwD
Fiber possibilities Investigated, now waiting on KPN to find the fiber again as they managed to have lost it. CrossWire
Move BIT ADSL Done buZz
Discuss internet connection costs with other tenants 1 cancellation received, others are positive and interested FwD
Obtain keys Done. FwD
New locks on server room door on 2nd floor Done FwD
New locks on space doors (current space doors are Nemef nr. 30 and can be bought anywhere) Done, but in a mediocre way. No cover plates on the doors yet. FwD
Sign contract with Interim Done FwD
Start new bank account at Triodos Bank Done FwD
Add FwD and remove Bjorn from KvK-inscription Done FwD & Björnl
Switch automatic payment from Bewaakt & Bewoond to Interim Depends on arrival of new bank account Bjorn or FwD
Throw away old stuff from current space Done. Everyone
Obtain moving boxes Done Everyone
Packing up everything that needs to be moved Done Everyone
Logistics: moving stuff to the new space Done Everyone
Wired and wireless internet to space and tenants in progress (done?) buZz asap

Specs of the new space

See the location page.

Status of the old space

See for yourself:

WP 20130802 003.jpg