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NURD talks
Skills Knowledge sharing, Presentation
Status Active
Niche Cosplay
Purpose Sharing, get more people to the space
Tool No
Location Zaal 1
Cost None
Tool category

NURD talks

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While there’s tons of cool stuff and interesting tech at NURDspace, I’d argue that the best thing about the hackerspace are the people. With the NURDTalk™ series we’re putting the fine folks of NURDspace front and center. Zaal 1 has a beamer and reasonably comfy couches, which makes it an ideal stage to learn from each other. So, let’s share some knowledge, experiences and stories!

What qualifies as a NURD talk?

Got an idea but not sure whether or not it is NURDtalk material? Don’t worry, this checklist will help you figure out if it’s a fit!

  • Ideally about 15 minutes long
  • About something related to NURDspace
  • About something you are enthusiastic about or care deeply for
  • Some form of information or knowledge is being shared
  • Creatively breaks/hacks one these rules.

If you want more information, the first NURDtalk ever was about exactly this question: File:What the Hark is a NURD Talk.pptx

How does it work?


  1. Put your name + idea in the idea box. The box is located in Zaal 1. Eis-T will get in touch with you to pick a date and help a bit with the preparation if you want to.
  2. Create an event on the wiki with the title NURDtalk + username. Ideally pick a Wednesday as most others will be able to visit your NURDtalk.


Melan has put together a recording rig for the NURD talks. Everything needed to capture your talk is stored in a box labelled “NURDtalk” and located in the studio room. Whenever possible we’d like to record the talks for those who are unable to attend.

An unnecessary NURDtalk mission statement

The NURDtalk series is an antidote to the the corporate “inspirational” Silicon Valley TEDx crap and its professionalist aesthetic. Ideas are to be Harked, not sold.

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