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November SALE! 10% Off on your first order

Yap Stone Money.jpg

While the design of the official NURDspace coin has not been set in stone yet, It's main characteristics are, and it is simply AMAZING!

Available in natural grey, with elegant black and red painted details, this 1.80 m diameter coin is certain to attract attention. The central 50cm diameter hole allows the owner to conveniently carry the 45 cm thick and 2536kg heavy coin around on a 12m wooden beam supported by 50 bearers (not included).

With this coin you will be the envy of every hackerspace in the world

Every coin will be individually hand-crafted, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Available in two editions: "Standard" and "Solid"

Standard: 12345 euro ex VAT (14937,45 euro inc VAT)


Solid: 13337 euro ex VAT (16137,77 euro inc VAT)

Now 10% off on your first order with a November SALE voucher

After payment the coin will be custom fabricated within 1 year, and will be available for pick-up by your troupe within one month, but you can also choose to leave it with us, true to the spirit of Rai-stones around the world. This will, however, incur a nominal monthly holding fee.

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