NURDspace LoRa pager network

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NURDspace LoRa pager network
Skills arduino, esp, raspberry pi, etc
Status in progress
Niche yes
Purpose Fun
Tool No
Tool category Electronics

NURDspace LoRa pager network

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NURDspace LoRa pager network

The idea is to have a pager-network for at least Wageningen and Gouda. It will communicate via LoRa over 433.775MHz (and over internet for those lacking a tranceiver).

implementation @ NURDspace

The LoRa-gateway is currently in the bar near the window. It is an rpi-3b.

The software it runs is

The idea is that it'll be a gateway to our ircbot (GHBot) for !summon and for our pager thing in Wageningen (tahtkev). Currently it announces itself as a APRS LoRa node with a beacon every 5 and 10 minutes.

The pi also runs a gps disciplined ntp-server. The gpsd can be accessed from the network as well.

Our site is hosted by Site4U
Our connectivity is made available by BIT
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