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NURDs Inventory
Owner Space
Status Infrastructure
Hostname nexia.nurdspace.lan
Location Small 19" rack in the space
Tool category
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Small 19" rack in the space

This is a digital mixing panel with lots of inputs and outputs. Currently it has 3 channels open:

These are mixed and outputted to 2 Altec Lansing 9444A amplifiers at the bottom of the rack.

Making changes to the configuration can be done via the windows software which also runs fine in Wine under Linux. The key is to connect to the Nexia, then disconnect from it, edit the configuration and then upload it again. When in doubt, save the old config first!

IP address has been set to (20170429) to be within the same network as the rest of the space.

To connect with the software, change your static IP to something random in the 10.208.30.* range. Check IPAM or ping to see if it's free first! Go to Tools, Options, Network. Press Select NIC and select the configured network controller.

The device also has a telnet interface. One example command:

echo 'GET 1 IPADDR' |nc nexia 23

More info on Telnet commands: File:Nexia_RS232_Control_(Jan10).pdf

More info on wiring in and outputs : Wiring audio inputs and outputs


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