From NURDspace
Name NurdCleanInn
Date 2022/07/15
DateEnd 2022/07/17
Location NURDspace
Contact r3boot


We want to make the space a bit more presentable and accessible. To do this, we need to sort through all our stuff, and see what can stay and what can go. For the things that need to go, we figure out what we are going to do with.


  • We look at everything, and determine if it can stay or not
    • BuT hOw?¿
      • Gather items that are identical, or similar in use
      • Examine condition of each item
      • Determine how many we "need"
  • For the stuff that cannot stay, we sort it in the following bins: Recycle, Sell, Scrap
  • Once all stuff is sorted, we execute the steps per bin, as described below
  • Once all of the above is done, we give the space a thorough cleanup using soap & elbow grease

Work for 15-07-2022

  • Get all crap out of the basement
  • Clean basement
  • ???


  • Make sure that paper container is put outside on tuesday 19-07-2022 --> Melan
  • Empty the spanishcar at Gemeentewerf monday/tuesday 18-7 19-7 --> buZz (could use a extra pair of hands!)


We take the item apart and sort it into bins. See The bins that our recycling company supports are as follows

  • printed circuit boards
  • printed circuit boards with gold
  • ram+cpu
  • adapters (without cable)
  • power connectors (without cable)
  • power cables
  • computer/audio cables
  • gold plated computer connectors
  • ventilators/fans (in basement)
  • hdd magnet neodyum
  • psu's (without cables)
  • Aluminium (bin in zaal 1 near studio)
  • Copper (in basement, mixed with aluminium)
  • Metal
  • plastic

Once everything is sorted into bins, we need to (transport this to the recycler | let this be picked up by the recycler). This will be done by TODO on TBD.


Stuff that has value on its own can be sold. For this, we open up a marktplaats account? (TBD, and TODO) and sell the stuff. This will be organized by (TODO) and the stuff will be sold from (TODO) for easy pickup.

Melan: I could probably take my RX100 to the space with a tripod so we can make some decent pictures for Marktplaats. But I'll probably coordinate that with BuZz if anything. (ja doe maar, zegt buZz)


Stuff that cannot be recycled or scrapped needs to be thrown away. We can do this for free in Amersfoort, but stuff will need to be sorted into different materials (paper, wood, metal, chemicals, etc). Transportation can be done by r3boot. In Wageningen it is also free, but we need an access pass (the one we had cannot be found). For opening hours see



This is TBD, but given the task having at least a weekend is preferable. At the end of this event, all stuff will need to be sorted, packed and ready to ship. The following weekends are suggested:

15..17 Jul (this will be the weekend)

22..24 Jul (also MCH)

29..31 Jul (also haxogreen)

5..7 Aug