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Nurd Plotter
Status Dormant
Niche Artsy stuff
Purpose Tool
Tool No
Tool category Fabrication

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Currently not working on this, not sure if I will continue this still.

To teach myself more about electronics, as well as to finally step into the world of stepper-motors I would like to try to make a plotter. Since I don't know enough yet to completely design one from scratch, it will be build after Ben's PlottyBot as he did an excellent write-up on how he did his. It also has limiter-switches for homing and a servo that can move the pencil up and down, as well as an adjustable pen holder.

Right now this project is still in an "can I?" and "sourcing parts" state.

Nurdplotter 3dview.png


Note: I'm not including the raspberry pi zero in the part list because I still have one laying around.

Item Units State Link Price Remarks
12V power supply 1 - - 0 Sourcing this part isn't an issue. 2~3A seems to be enough.
5v regulator 1 - - 0 Should have a couple laying around
SG90 Servo 1 - - 0 Can probably source from somewhere
8mm x 450mm Linear rod 2 2 - - Got the needed rods that are slightly longer
8mm x 350mm Linear rod 2 2 - - Got the needed rods that are slightly longer
3mm x 100mm Linear rod 2 - - ? Got one so far from a CD drive
LM8UU linear bearings 8 4 - - Got 4 so far, need 4 more!
2 Meter GT2 Timing Belt 1 - €0,73 -
4mmx13mmx5mm ball bearings 10 - - - -
40mm cooling fan 2 - 2x €4,71 I want to go with PWM controlled fans
Nema 17 Bipolar 40mm 2A stepper 2 2 - Got 2 steppers, just need cables!
A3967 EasyDriver 2 - 2x €2,31 Ordered 2!
Heatsinks 2 - €1,66 Comes in a 4 pack
Rubber Feet 14 - - - Can probably buy them at the Action
M4 flat washers inside: 4.3m, item: 9m thickness: 0.8m 50 - - -
M4 x 0.7mm 304 lock nuts 50 - - -
M4 x 10mm thumb screws 15 - - -

Probably is incomplete and or need more parts to be bought.