Open Hackerspace Day 2016

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Open Hackerspace Day 2016
Name Annual International Open Hackerspace Day - 2016
Date 2016/03/26
Location Nurdspace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen

The annual open hackerspace day is on april 26th this year. The space will be open from 11:00 till at least 17:00, and then ???

There's no specifc program, we'll be open to anyone who wants to take a look free of obligation. If you're interested in hearing what you can do at a hackerspace, have a talk with one of the members present. If you just wanna hang out and have a chat you're more than welcome too!


  • Tour
  • 3D-Print something
  • Retro Gaming
  • Solder something
  • Drink coffee
  • Talk to n[eu]rds
  • Help set up the lasercutter
  • NERF war?

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