Opening Reception

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Opening Reception
Name Opening Reception
Date 2012/06/16
Location Space
Contact buZz


After 5 months of being open, dragging endless stuff into the space, herding cats, soldering cables and tuning bikes harmonically, we have finally picked a date to do an official opening reception!!!!!

We will open the doors around 14:00 for all to visit, have a drink, a bite and celebrate that we have a space \o/

More program items to follow.

Please add your name (or just an X) and some relative info if you want to come, so we know how many to expect for shopping etc ...

  • buZz
  • FwD
  • surrounder
  • psy
  • cybah
  • JTag
  • codehunger
  • appy
  • worm
  • pluisje
  • about 15 ppl that are on facebook but not here

  • you?

Planning clash :-(

Also on the same date;

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