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NURDspace Project
Participants Pokon
Skills 3D Printing, building with lego and other stuff
Status Getting parts
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Promotion
Tool category
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So i was doing nothing again on the space having other projects still wandering around, but i am still obsesed with the 3d printer of buzz.

I looked in the spare parts box of buzz, asked him if i could make a printer he asked me could you in a buzz way answer. next day i started sawin those damm rods after that i started to build the frame next to the 3d printer that was already finished an was printing parts for this printer. Rainbowmakerinthemaking.jpg

B.O.M. Costs excl shipping website
plastic parts Nothing thanks to buzz spare parts
Threaded Rods m8 Nothing thanks to NURDspace spare parts
Wasers and nuts bolts m8 Nothing but will donate 10 bucks for the parts to the space
608 bearings only paid for 1 other was already on the space €0,25 http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=24&cPath=1595_1596
smooth rods m8 3 meter total cost: €8,97 http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=342&cPath=1595_1638
Timing belt 1m x 5mm 2.5mm pitch (T2.5) 2 meter total cost:€7.00 http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=175&cPath=1595_1611
Aluminum Pulley T2.5 2x 2x 3.99= €7,98 http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=325&cPath=1595_1639
NEMA17 Stepper motor 1.8 degrees step / 4.8 kg/cm 5x11=€55 you can get extra discount for buying more but i only needed 5 http://reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id=94&cPath=1614
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 €46,95 dont know if this is expensive or not never bougt a arduino "edit: oke its cheaper to buy it at reprapworld" http://www.eztronics.nl/webshop2/catalog/Arduino/Boards/ArduinoMega2560

while i still need to order stuff, i sawed the sqaure from wood for the base of the printing surface with a jigsaw. While being terrifyd using a jigsaw for the first time of my life it went pretty well :)

Look at it just look an almost finished extruder: AwesomeExtruder.jpeg

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