Roland U-20

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Roland U-20
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Skills Repair, Electronics, Music
Status Planning
Niche Music
Purpose Tool
Tool Yes
Location Studio
Cost 0
Tool category Music production

Roland U-20

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'This is a Roland U-20 donated by NoxiousPluK

According to Vintage Synth:

  • "The U-20 is nothing special. It is a digital synthesizer that uses ROM samples of pianos, brass, strings, bass, drums, etc. However it is built for professional use and is truly a quality instrument, even though its sounds may seem like dated-eighties synth pop cheese. It's got nice piano sounds, but they're not the real thing."


The U-20 has issues with it's carbon conductive pads. It is fairly simple to clean them using alcohol but this is a short-term solution and only really works if you play it often.

A better solution is to apply a new coating. You can find a good writeup/tutorial on doing so here.

I (NoxiousPluK) cleaned this synth a few times with alcohol, and I'm happy to help repairing it again during a NURD-Inn, but I'm not willing to do it on my own :)

It also seems to have some ESD damage, but when the firmware crashes its quite easy to reset it. I'll document how to do this here asap (prolly the same NURD-Inn where it'll get fixed).


This video is using a U-220, which has the same sounds.