SMD Workshop by Kliment

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SMD Workshop by Kliment
Name SMD Workshop by Kliment
Date 2016/04/02
Location space
Contact buZz


12:43:47 <Kliment> Do you think there's interest in an SMD assembly workshop at nurdspace?
12:49:14 <Kliment> I'm happy to come over and do a workshop like the one at 32c3
12:49:27 <Kliment> Cost will be 20/kit plus my travel costs
12:49:54 <Kliment> Unless you have a crowd, in which case I get volume discounts on parts :)


On April 2nd, Kliment is coming to give a SMD home-baking workshop using a Electric Hotplate. Workshop will start at 15:00.

There will be parts for ~15 people present. Space is gonna pay travel costs.

If you join, you will need to pay 20 euro to enter for the parts used in the workshop. You may also bring your own parts/projects and we'll figure something out :)

The parts you will be building up will get you a stepup and stepdown convertor in the end.

Sign up ASAP plz , before 20-3 we can change how many kits he's gonna bring ;)


  • Cha0z97
  • d2
  • fierman
  • rule
  • jeroen burgerding
  • Petraea (w/ own parts/boards)
  • jglauche (perhaps +1-2)


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