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Spaceprinter 1
Skills 3D Printing, Soldering, Electronics, Hopelessly staring into the void, Building
Status Active
Niche Hardware
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool Yes
Location @ the space
Cost ATM 20 euro
Tool category Electronics

Spaceprinter 1

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Why a new 3D printer again Pokon?

Because fuck you thats why, no but seriously I wanted to build a new i3 for educational purposes. While building I looked at Space printer 0 and then tough ¨a why not so my plan is to donate the fucker to the space.

So what is the cost? To be honest I dont know really here is a list of components specially bought for this machine and stuff we already had.

Bought stuff: … I forgot, o wait see list: Acrylic grove mount for the E3D hotend because the printed one was okeish but it was hard to maintain price was 4 euros at reprapworld.

Planks: 12 euro total at the gamma inc cutting (tried it first but fucked up the mdf), donated by my stepdad :)

so that was the bought stuff part, now the stuff already available

Smooth rods 4x got two of them from Profzon because the others where to short

M5 threaded rod: found at the soldering table and cut it to pieces (cue papa roach)

Bolts and nuts and washers(fuckton) its in one of the red cabinets

Printed parts, thanks for an abandoned (read never build) i3 project it was already there for 3 years.

Bearings: lm88 and those skateboard bearings, found them in a box in my space drawer

Cables: well at the space they are everywhere, luckily we also have some print kit cable sets

Arduino and stepperdrivers: borrowed them from my i3, well im gonna build a new one anyway.

Hotend: same as the arduino

Heatbed and glass plate: first I got a heatbed donated but didnt have long enough screws and someone borrowed the damm plankton I mean kapton tape, so I was pissed off and used the one from my green printer.

Timed belt: old i3 project

PSU: green printer

Motors: well got those from the old printer project and after one was fucked I swaped it with the green printer.

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