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Melan, Boopatroopa
Participants Melan
Skills Programming, soldering, 3D printing, rijst eten
Status Active
Niche Artsy stuff
Purpose Fun
Tool No
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Melan, Boopatroopa

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A friend (Boopatroopa) wants a real life replica of the Sonic Amplifier of Lucio from Overwatch. We are attempting to make him one, the deadline is in two months starting from 21 Sep 2019.

Based on

Parts ordered

  • 3x RGB LED Ring 16 Bit WS2812 All three have arrived.
  • RGB LED Ring 60 Bit WS2812 Arrived, one part of the ring has a dead led.
  • WS2812B 1m strip, ordered a new one with more leds
  • 3x RGB LED 8bit Arrived.
  • MEGA2560 PRO EMBED arrived, and working swapped for teensy
  • 230 pcs JST connectors
  • Mometary switch
  • VS1003B Module arrived, not yet tested Not needed
  • sd card reader arrived, tested to be working Not needed
  • DC 12V-24V 2x50W Dual AMP arrived



  • Poke Pokon for the 3D prints Pokon has been poked and printing has started
  • Figure out the speakers
  • Figure out what MCU to use Ordered a MEGA2560 going with a Teensy
  • Figure out what battery to use
  • Figure out what amplifier to use
  • Figure out the LED patterns and audio samples
  • Use a VS1053 for sound? Nah, Teensy.

Adafruit guides

Would be nice

  • Bluetooth build in with a switch so we can switch between the onboard audio and a phone
  • Volume control
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