Space anet a8

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Anet a8 for space
Anet a8.jpg
Skills pokoning, 3D Printing, screaming
Status Dead
Niche Printing
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool Yes
Location with the rest of the printers
Cost 120 ish
Tool category Fabrication

Anet a8 for space

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So another day another 3d printer

this time its the anet a8 from el cheapo land gearbest

below you will find the profile settings for cura 2.6.2

Needed upgrades

  • New PSU (the one that came with is a fire hazard)
  • Mosfet (board of the printer cant handle the amps directly)

  • putting spades on the cables from the psu and heatbed
  • replace heatbed wire for thicker ones (the cables from a eurostekker are suffecient)
  • solder the wires directly on the headbed (connector is a fun fire hazard)

Printed upgrades

The printer will be eventually be fully upgraded to a AM8

Todo list

  • build manual so other people can print with
  • place the links for the 3d printed upgrades

How to avoid temp overshoot issue

First set temp via display menu. Then print from sd card.