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InfraRefreshKlusDagAvondInfraRefreshKlusDag11 January 2019Space
International Hackerspaces Open Day 2021International Hackerspaces Open Day 202128 March 2021@space
International Open Hackerspace Day 2022International Open Hackerspace Day 202226 March 2022Space
July Build Night with SugruJuly Build Night with Sugru5 July 2013Space
KiCADenEventueelSoldeerdoorloop KiCAD workflow en eventueel hands-on SMD reflowen14 August 2020Space
KidsdagKidsdag! Neem je kid(s) mee naar de space!9 July 2022Space
Kidsdag NURDSpaceKidsdag NURDSpace8 October 2022Vergersweg 24, Wageningen
Koppelting 2017Koppelting 201721 August 2017De WAR in Amersfoort
Lentil Soup By NizLentil Soup By Niz4 March 2022Spaaaace
Lezing HoogtefotografieLezing Hoogtefotografie15 February 2013Lezingenzaal Hack42 Arnhem
Liberation dayLiberation day5 May 2016Nurdspace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen
Live Benchy build streamLive Benchy build31 August 2019Space
MCH2022MCH202223 July 2022Scoutinglandgoed in Zeewolde
MF050Groningen Mini Maker Faire 201220 October 2012Groningen
MF050 2013(mini) Maker Faire 05012 October 2013Groningen
Maandelijkse RepRapWorld Print & Pizza Night (Januari 2020)RepRapWorld Print & Pizza Night @ Bitlair9 January 2020Bitlair, Amersfoort
Maker Faire EindhovenMaker Faire Eindhoven, NURDspace deelname24 September 2022Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Meeting 05-01-2012Meeting #95 January 2012Niz
Meeting 07-10-2011Meeting #37 October 2011Bjornl
Meeting 11-04-2012Meeting #1111 April 2012Space starting around 21.00
Meeting 13-04-2012Meeting #1213 April 2012Space starting around 21.00
Meeting 19-11-2011Meeting #619 November 2011At jelle starting 14.00
Meeting 2 12 2011Meeting #72 December 2011Bjornl starting ~20.00
Meeting 20-10-2011Meeting #420 October 2011Bij bjornl
Meeting 23-09-2011Kickoff - Meeting #123 September 2011Niz
Meeting 23-12-2011Meeting #823 December 2011Bjornl
Meeting 27-01-2012Meeting #1027 January 2012Bjornl
Meeting 30-09-2011Meeting #230 September 2011Dennis
Meeting 4-11-2011Meeting #54 November 2011Bij niz
Meeting aug 2012Meeting aug 201224 August 2012Space
MidweeknurdBBQMidweeknurdBBQ25 July 2012Space
Moov'nMoov'n8 April 2017Churchillweg
NURD CLEANUPNurd cleanup13 January 2018Space
NURD Inn X-Mas editionNURD Inn X-mas edition20 November 2022Spaaaace
NURD&NewNYE NURDs 2023 edition!28 December 2022Spaaaace
NURDspace 10 yearsNURDspace 10 years!9 February 2022Space
NURDtalkNURDtalk25 May 2022Zaal 1 NURDspace CS
NURDtalk 15-06-2022NURDtalk15 June 2022Zaal 1 NURDspace CS
Newnurds2022Newnurds202229 December 2021Space
Nieuwjaarsborrel en viering achtjarig bestaan RevSpaceNieuwjaarsborrel en Hoera8jaar RevSpace27 January 2018Leidschendam
Noiseless VaultNoiseless VaultHttps://
Nurd&New 2017N&N 2k1726 December 2017On the floor
Nurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP editionNurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP edition28 December 2018Space
Nurd&Nieuw 2020 Special EditionNurd&Nieuw 2020 Special Edition29 December 2019Space
Nurd'nNewNurd'nNew31 December 2016Space
Nurd-InnNurd-Inn13 November 2015Space
Nurd-Inn vzoveelNurd-Inn #zoveel1 April 2016Space
NurdCleanInnNurdCleanInn15 July 2022Space
NurdGrillInnGrill @ Nurd-Inn \o/3 October 2015Space
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