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Owner The Niz
Status Working
Hostname plankton
Tool No
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Booting from CDROM seems difficult. Netbooting works since blathijs replaced the NVRAM battery.


  • 128MB ram
  • 9.1GB harddisk but layout of the old 2.2GB one
  • UltraSPARC 167MHz
  • Debian 7

This machines is hooked up to the LDAP for user management, but also has a local root user with the familiar password. ;)


  • Fix hard disk layout so that whole disk can be used, or maybe use an ever bigger one

Netboot tips and tricks

This information can be useful when reinstalling:

On some machine in the network

  • Run a rarp server
  • Put this line in /etc/ethers (MAC address of Ultra 1 and a free ip address in our range)


  • Put a line in /etc/hosts with hostname/ip

On the TFTP server

  • Download boot.img from Debian (Debian 6 works for this machine, Debian 7 doesn't)
  • Check /var/log/daemon.log for the filename requested by our Ultra 1
  • Rename boot.img or make a symlink

Now the installer should start when you type "boot net" in OpenBoot

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