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Skills Soldering, Electronics, Construction, Design
Status Active
Niche Music
Purpose Instrument
Tool No
Cost too much
Tool category


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The synthesEis-Ter is a synth in a suitcase. The core is a doepfer DIY kit as recommended by Dreamer. This is an analog open-design synthesizer. It is up to the builder to decide on the routing and controls for all functions.


The aim of the project is to build a functional yet experimental musical instrument. Currently the project is very much in development by Eis-T and there's no overarching masterplan or blueprint. A secondary aim is also to incorporate interesting bits of electronics that are available in the space. The project is considered a success when you can no longer take this suitcase with you on a plane, because airport security will it's a bomb.


Currently Eis-T is thinking about sensible layout ideas for the various functions. First conclusion is that the panel is way too big for the synth, which means more functionality can be added later on. The play-ability of the instrument with regards to the patchpoints is also a point of concern.

SynthesEis-Ter Prototype.jpg

Next steps

* Decide on which functions need CV control, knobs, switches and audio outputs

  • Make a design

* think up a power solution * start building


Thinking about/options