Tablet Refurbishment

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iPad Refurb project
Participants Tahtkev
Skills Software, Vendor specific software, Apple, Jailbreaking
Status In progress
Niche Electronics
Purpose Information viewer
Tool Yes
Location Arround the space
Cost Free
Tool category General

iPad Refurb project

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The purpose is to use them arround the space to control various things, and to maybe view like manuals etc, bulk of iPad's generously given to us by CSG Reggesteyn

Current stock

  • iPad 4 Cellular + WiFi x1
  • Amazon Fire tablet
  • iPad 4 64GB Black 3x


  • iPad Mini (3rd gen) x1 (already Jailbroken by user:Tahtkev)
  • iPad (1st gen) x1 (jailbroken by beckershoff iirc)
  • iPad 4 WiFi 64GB x2 (jailbroken by tahtkev with some swearing)
  • iPad 3 16GB White
  • iPad 2 64GB Cellurar


  • jailbreak them all if possible
  • run HASS companion on some of them
  • mount them around the space


Currently None


we have a AppleID the MFA is in management of Tahtkev if you need access ask him on IRC.