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I call the diagonal distance between props , the 'wingspan'. I guess this isn't normal, so i clarified it here ;)

JXD 393

Is a 'cross' setup, instead of a 'times'!

  • Stripped some plastic from this.
  • Replaced battery (first with some cylinder lipo, but turned out to be shit, now some battery from nooitaf)
  • Removed most leds from the quad, just put a single one up front
  • Modded this quad for FPV now with a Eachine EF-01

FQ777 954

50mm wingspan

Has wifi controls and wifi video streaming (quite laggy)

Concept Drone 011

(synonym UDI RC U839?)

70mm wingspan

Has headless mode :)

Eachine QX90

90mm wingspan

bought this from nooitaf so that i can play with my new radio when it gets here ;)

  • replaced props with Ladybird models
  • added propguard
  • removed feet under the frame (broke one off by crashing)

Eachine QX70

70mm wingspan

has 4 RGB leds, woohoo \o :P



Banggood 4-in-1 multiprotocol module

  1. add a 6pin header on the ISP part
  2. set protocol rotation knob to 0 (zero)
  3. set fuses with : sudo avrdude -B 20 -c usbtiny -e -u -p m328p -v -U lock:w:0x3f:m -U efuse:w:0x05:m -U hfuse:w:0xD3:m -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m
  4. flash firmware with : sudo avrdude -b 19200 -c usbtiny -p m328p -v -Uflash:w:Multiprotocol_V1.1.5_CC2500-NRF24L01.hex:i
  5. bridge the TX and RX solderpads with a blob of solder
  6. done :D
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