Wearable Computer

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Wearable Computer
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Participants User:buzz
Skills Electronics, Mechanics, Optics, Linux
Status Dormant
Niche Other
Purpose Fun
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Wearable Computer

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I want to build a wearable computer around a Raspberry Pi and this 1cm wide CRT i salvaged from a camcorder.


moar pics


  • Different 'units'
  • Raspberry + power unit is one unit, this has a display on one end, and only the needed connectors of the raspberry pi exposed.
  • Battery will connect to the main unit with the thingy linked above.
  • Possibility to hook up a second battery without disconnecting the first.
  • Possibility to connect two batteries together to make a bigger battery???

Battery system

  • will connect to the main unit with a 3 pin connector (+v, 1-wire data, gnd)
  • there will be two 3 pin connectors to swap batteries while staying online (or maybe just run on two batteries)
  • on the Raspberry Pi there will be a attiny (or something) on uart0 to interface with the 1-wire
  • main unit will get an internal 2a 5v regulator (with display woohoo)


  • crt will be mounted on cap
  • beamsplitter will be mounted under the cap, reflecting visual into eye
  • lenses will be needed between beamsplitter and crt for focus
  • beamsplitter will be mounted on a swivel, and rotatable for higher flexibility
  • another 3 pin connection : +5v, composite, gnd


( in 2012 this part was finished already; results on http://imgur.com/a/Sm1zr )

  • keyboard nearly finished...
  • add a mouse? maybe a trackpad on top of the wrist, or a mini joystick on the thumbpad?


  • Raspberry Pi
  • mini CRT (second found, first seems dead now :s )
  • teensy (for usb keyboard emulation)
  • wrist frame (soon on thingiverse)
  • Beamsplitter (ordered)

(on the way)

  • good power source
    • needs a proper bms! gauging and maybe built-in charging?
    • just needs 5V! but a lot of amps ...


  • magnifying lenses
  • better case
  • some wireless card(s) on usb ?