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XMPP / Jabber: WHY?!

With this protocol (xmpp == jabber) you can chat with other people that have such an account. Not neccessarily on the nurdspace server; any account will do. As the nurdspace server uses ssl/tls/something-encryption, it should be safe as well to use. Only when someone hacks either the nurdspace-xmpp-server or the xmpp-server of the opponent you're chatting with (well or your computer or the computer of the opponent), only then your messages can be read. Well... unless you install the "off the record"-plugin (OTR) - if you enable that in a chat (and exchange the fingerprints via some other channel), then hacking your chats will be rather difficult.

It is also convenient to have if you want people in #nurds (irc) to be able to send you a message by using "!summon nickname text" (contact flok for that).

See also the nurdspace phonebook

XMPP versus Jabber

So what is the difference between XMPP and Jabber? Well, there's none! It is the same, just an other name.

technical details

  • runs on xmpp.vm.nurd.space
  • listens on xmpp.vm.nurd.space and also allows space.nurdspace.nl domain
  • certificate is installed from revproxy01 from /etc/dehydrated/updateCertsEnRestart.sh:
# XMPP/Jabber server
# copy key + certificate
/usr/bin/scp -C /etc/ssl/letsencrypt/space.nurdspace.nl/* root@xmpp.vm.nurd.space:/root/certificate/
# install into prosody & restart prosody
/usr/bin/ssh root@xmpp.vm.nurd.space 'cp /root/certificate/public.key /var/lib/prosody/space.nurdspace.nl.crt && \
                  cp /root/certificate/private.key /var/lib/prosody/space.nurdspace.nl.key && \
                  /etc/init.d/prosody restart'
  • add user:
    • prosodyctl register USERNAME space.nurdspace.nl PASSWORD