Chainsaw Generator

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Chainsaw Generator
Participants Buzz
Skills Mechanics, Electronics
Status Getting parts
Niche Excessive stuff
Purpose Infra
Tool No
Tool category

Chainsaw Generator

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I want a ridiculous USB (and maybe other stuff) charger. Also i've always wanted a generator to carry along to places where i could burn up some fossil fuel.

Parts gathered thusfar

  • Central Park Thermal Chainsaw (??) , seems a twostroke thing with about 1300W (?) of output from the label
  • Pihsiang PH-9MNF-1 Motor , not sure about specs but it should be a ~24V DC motor

What did i do

Took most of the chainsaw parts off the motor today.

All seems pretty clean and spins well with some decent feeling of compression. Not sure if i'm gonna keep the chainclutch for the generator. Still want to remove more of the plastics, but at least its smaller now.

--buZz (talk) 02:27, 12 September 2019 (CEST)

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