Dell Equallogic Ps6000 recovery

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Dell Equallogic Ps6000 recovery
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Dell Equallogic Ps6000 recovery

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1) Console on the Equallogic and powercycle the device

2) Press CTRL+P on boot

3) Use the following commands: EQL> setenv RESETPASSWORD 1 EQL> reload And the defaults are back.

Launch Support Mode > support exec bash To enter a BASH shell > su exec bash

Various “Netstat” and netstat_test commands…some of the most useful networking commands I’ve used so far: netstat -i nstat_test -p 0 nstat_test -r nstat_test -t

“Cache Tool” cachetool

Reveal NetBSD uname -a

“RAIDTOOL” for displaying RAID Info, especially useful in watching the rebuilds with percentages raidtool

Replication Tuning – TCP support repl-window-size

Restart the Equallogic Management Service (Note: You must close and re-launch the Group Manager application after running these commands)

eqlinit restart MgmtExec eqlinit restart-snap MgmtExec support eqlinit “restart MgmtExec”

Check the status od the MgmtExec Service eqlinit status

DOWN and UP ETH Ports … first select the Array that you want to operate on (the example connects to array JERMSMIT-01, then toggles eth0 off and then on again) member select JERMSMIT-01 eth select 0 down eth select 0 up

“UNAME” (unsure what this is actually doing…) uname -a

Restart the Network Management service eqlinit restart-snap netmgtd

“PSGD Test” psgd_test -r

“EQL Logger” eqllogger -r

“Clear Cache” – The clearlostdata command will gather information about the state of this array for support and troubleshooting purposes. clearlostdata

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