Meeting 11-04-2012

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Meeting 11-04-2012
Name Meeting #11
Date 2012/04/11
Location Space starting around 21.00
Contact Niz, irc

Who will be there?: [The_Niz] [buZz], [FwD]!, [bjornl], [surrounder]?


  • current status!
  • How is our financial status at this point?
  • How many members do we have.
  • improvements to status
  • get moar members, do we want to, how will we do this, etc
  • stuff in the space? how will we track what stuff belongs to which member, how will we make sure stuff wont go missing?
  • membership fees: can we lower them?
  • expansion drift: instead of lowering membership fees we can consider doubling the amount of space
  • internet: where is it? and why?
  • are there more wishes? What funding or efforts are needed?
  • 3d prints? how will we manage costs?
  • heating at night: can we make life bearable after 18:00?
  • lasercutter? do we want to get a lasercutter at the space? how are we going to fund this? how will we manage costs?
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