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Niche Software
Purpose Infrastructure
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This page is about the very wiki you're currently reading. It can hold ideas, thoughts, discussions, and feature requests.


Feature requests


  • SSL
  • Migrate current users to LDAP (including password if possible and use LDAP for authentication from then on.
  • Build a todo scraper to summarize all todo's on different pages
  • Fix space status updates. It is now cached and will update on refresh (and possibly on other triggers???). It looks like it's impossible to turn off caching on a single page :<


The wiki can read information from the LDAP through the External Data extension. This is in the LocalSettings.php:

#LDAP lookups
$edgLDAPServer[''] = "ldaps://";
$edgLDAPBaseDN[''] = "dc=nurdspace,dc=lan";
$edgLDAPUser[''] = "cn=read-user,ou=systems,dc=nurdspace,dc=lan";
$edgLDAPPass[''] = "xxxxxxx";

You can list information from a single entry like so:



Here "cn" is the name of the attribute in the LDAP for the entry where attribute "uid" has value "username". This gives the attribute the local variable name "CommonName" which is then displayed by the template.

Possible replacement of mediawiki

Some of us (Fwd,Niz) are annoyed by mediawiki and are looking for alternatives. Here is room for stuff like lists of things we want, descriptions of available alternatives etc. BTW: we are by no means bound to php/MySQL.


Must have

  • Api (for instance for irc bot)
  • WYSIWYG editor (preferably seamlessly integrated in the front-end for logged-in users)
  • Formatting of code (possibly with syntax highlighting)
  • Easy upgrading (so no 12446 plugins that needs to be updated by hand)
  • LDAP Integration both for authentication/autorization and for listing members
  • Good cache control
  • Simple method to obtain data from external sources (web services, API's, databases (partkeepr))
  • Methods of structuring content via metadata (categories, tags, tree)
  • Must not require a shitload of work for initial setup of the software
  • Good documentation of the software used
  • Templates to use as starting point for design
  • Good security track record (no swiss cheese)
  • wiki like syntax for linking pages together
  • wiki like setup of document locations (like url/projectname/subpart )
  • wiki like templates with forms

Would be nice

  • Decent media management (centrally keeping track of uploaded files to avoid duplicates)
  • Modular page building (start with empty page, insert text block, insert image block, insert query block with dynamic content, insert agenda block)
  • Easy installation (webserver, database)
  • (Preferably) easy way to code additional functionality where no standard extensions/modules exist.
  • Blog functionality (but not only that, static pages in some sort of structure should be the main focus)
  • Clean URLs


Let's pick a couple of CMS'es with potential (for example from this list) and install them in a VM to try out as many of the must-have-features as possible. If we find a suitable candidate we can look into content migration possibilities and proceed from there.

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